Worry Less About Margin and More About Value

Ilene Rosenthal, CEO

A few weeks ago, I spoke to 50 members of the Collaberex networking organization about goal setting for 2020, in light of this new world we’re living in. 

The premise of the presentation was looking ahead to what business will look like on the eve of New Year’s Day, 2021, and what people can realistically expect to “celebrate.” As much as we’d all love for things to go back to normal, those days--as we knew them--will likely never be quite the same.

So, we adapt. We lead.

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We Tore Up Our Podcast Schedule. Now We're Scrappy and Immediate.

Guest Contributor: Richard Davies, Davies Content

When the coronavirus crisis erupted, our podcast team at “How Do We Fix It?” had to react in a hurry. Co-host, Jim Meigs, producer Miranda Shafer, and I tossed our carefully orchestrated spring program plans into the trash.

We’re a weekly news show committed to talking about fresh and surprising ideas that could make the world a better place. We had to stay relevant. Now we’re winging it week-by-week, booking guests one or two days in advance. Scrappy and immediate is the order of the day. Quick turnaround time is essential.

The same is true for countless other content creators.

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Can The Minimalists Help Guide Your Approach to Marketing Spending?

Ilene Rosenthal, CEO

This phrase was made popular by Marie Kondo and her book series, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Many of you may have gone through your closets and drawers, identifying the items that do, in fact, bring you joy—and decluttering those spaces in the process. It’s so widespread, it’s even been coined, “The Marie Kondo Method.”

Another approach is similar, yet different.

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