#FOBO. Not a Typo.

Ilene Rosenthal, CEO

You’ve likely heard of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but have you met its close cousin, FOBO--Fear Of Better Options? It’s so prevalent in marketing, that we made it our own hashtag! #FOBO

Here’s the deal: When it comes to crafting a marketing strategy and plan, options abound. We’ll often make choices based on:

  • What the competition is doing
  • Who has been recommended
  • What we’ve read last in the business press
  • What on the biz dev “to-do” list is the longest

The options start to blur into one muddled orb of uncertainty. Just like the Sham 69 song goes, “Everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong.”

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What Went Wrong? Saying “Yes” to the Gaps in Your Marketing Strategy

Ilene Rosenthal, CEO

Students of improvisation are very familiar with the concept of "Yes, and..." If your scene partner sets the environment as a cruise ship and passes the baton to you, you can't say, "No, remember, we're on the moon." You go with the bit, and help your fellow actors create the story.

But, marketing should never feel as “spontaneous” as improv appears.

In the Strategy Lab, I meet with a lot of CEOs who are all too used to saying, "Yes, but..." They understand the value of marketing, yet efforts have proven unsuccessful. Even though they’ve bought into building their own “story,” something has gone awry.

  • "Yes, we tried that Martech solution but it didn't pan out."
  • "Yes, we contracted with [several] marketing experts but are no closer to our goals."
  • "Yes, we tried using our internal resources but have gotten nowhere."
  • "Yes, we hired extra sales people but we still haven't seen any revenue growth."
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Focus Pocus: It’s Not Magic, It’s Strategy

Ilene Rosenthal, CEO

Concentrating your marketing dollars on a single initiative is hard. It’s like choosing which of your kids you like best.

But I promise you, unlike in parenting, it will be simpler in the end (take it from a mom of two newly minted adults…).

It’s All About Sharpening Your Focus

Focusing on a single core audience, with a single message, around a single offering helps you make real hay with your restricted marketing resources. Even when you need to support more than one part of your business with marketing investment, focusing on growth one-by-one can lead to more responsible spending.

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